Rockville High School Volunteers

Kim Marinan, Director of School Counseling at RHS, explained the Student Community Service program to us and how we might use it at our May 2014 meeting .

Students must volunteer 10 hours per year to be promoted to the next grade. The program is being phased in and applies just to freshman and sophomores at this time.

If your organization needs volunteers send specific information, including times, to Kim at or (860) 870-6050 x-401.

She’ll need a 1-3 week lead time on specific dates. The information is then made available to students through a number of methods, including a newsletter and online.

Organizations will sign off on a completion form after the work is performed. A web page on the RHS site lists for students both specific and ongoing opportunities. There is a link there to forms and students can sign up for content updates by email.


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