Press Release & Publicity Contacts

Journal Inquirer

Local Reporters
The JI local reporter changes frequently. The reporter as of 8/1/19 is:
Skyler Frazer – Email:

The Town News Editor for Vernon is:
Gail Montany – Email:

Local Calendar
Send 2 weeks in advance and include name and phone of contact. Photos should be large, high resolution images submitted by email. They may run several times.

Going Out Guide
Send listing to ‘Going Out Guide’ at:
Postal: Journal Inquirer, Box 510, Manchester, CT 06045-0510

Local History Section
Printed every Friday. Any historical society, organization or individual can submit a picture or event.
Send listing to Chip LeClerk at:
Phone: 860-646-0500, ext. 347
Postal: Journal Inquirer, Box 510, Manchester, CT 06045-0510

Out & About
Publicity for social events after they have happened. Full identification of people is required along with details of the event: description, date and location. Submit by either mail or email.
Postal: Journal Inquirer, Box 510, Manchester, CT 06045-0510

The Hartford Courant

Courant Community

Send press releases, community events and photos to:
Erin Quinlan – Editor
Phone: 860-875-3366, ext. 3030, Email:
Prefer 3-4 weeks notice prior to the edition you wish it to appear in. ALWAYS include full address of event – street and town as well as date, time and a brief description. If there is a fee include it.


North Central News
Monthly, includes Vernon
By 20th for next month’s issue.

Community Voice Channel
This is our Public Access outlet. They offer a free, on-air community bulletin board to help promote local events. This service is available to all non-profit organizations and civic organizations. Each notice can be posted up to 14 days prior to the event. Notices should contain, at a minimum, the following: Name and description of the event/activity, Sponsor, Time and Place, Who to call for more information.
Notices should be sent at least 3 weeks prior to the day of the event.
By E-mail:
For more information:

Social Media
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V V C MeetUp

Vernon Patch
Patch is not as useful as it once was, but its still possible to post information.

Log into the Contributions Page. You’ll need an account and even if you have one on the Old Patch the New Patch 3.0 requires setting a new password.

Once in you can post a news item. Chris Dehnel is the editor and if you post to the Bulletin Board he can bump it into the newsletter if you ask. His email is


Making Vernon Special